The best of Spamradio

From time to time we receive spam which exceeds the usually expected high standards of junk email. These emails are bold and insightful, intelligent and informative, endearing and ingenious, and often sexually explicit beyond words. This is spam which aspires to make something of itself. Spam with ambition.

Here are a few of the best mails which have passed through spamradio, as decided by us:


Wilma sucks a beast - Very explicit, yet full of romance.
13ft ejaculation - Who knew that distance was so important?
Camgirl - All sounds very innocent.
Roll up, roll up - Free free free free free.


Nigerian 1 - Classic Nigerian scam spam, with all the attention to detail we have come to expect.
Nigerian 2 - Very courteous.


Become a Priest - One of the best offers you'll ever hear.
Holy spam! - Spam from above. God wants you to buy this.
Divine Guidance- Viva spiritual spam! This one sells you a two hour video of a preacher standing in classroom.


Toilet seat - Very strange. (Please ignore the dual voices in this sample.. an artifact of an earlier version of spamradio).
Sell Porn - Start your own adult site with your eyes firmly shut.
Brazillian - A pleasant mail read in something approaching Portuguese.
Hey Buddy - A great spam with the most fantastic of endings.
Buy an email list - How to become a spammer.

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